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Date: March 3, 2015

The Terraces at Pontefino Estate, brought to you by the leading hotel and leisure developer south of Manila, is an ideal real estate development with long-term benefits and premium returns, through a unique leaseback program.

Located within Pontefino Hotel and Residences in Batangas City, the Terraces will be finished in 2016, and will offer an extravagant lifestyle with secured value, growth, and high returns. Inspired by the sleek interiors of Bali resorts, the Terraces favors formal simplicity and breezy space, designed for luxury and practicality.

Purchasing a unit at the Terraces has mandatory admission into the leaseback program for five years. The investor will be entitled to first-class benefits, such as 30% of room earnings, in addition to special owner perks and 12 free room nights at the Pontefino Hotel a year.

Buyers will receive a Condominium Certificate of Title, which guarantees and ensures their full ownership of the Terraces unit. Units are well-maintained and fully-staffed with a dedicated team of housekeepers, technicians, security guards, and other hardworking employees, on-call 24/7.

Owners of Terraces units enjoy exclusive discounts on amenities at Pontefino: 40% off on hotel room rates, a 20% discount for the hotel restaurant, and 10% off on rates for banquets and other functions.

The Terraces will have 6 buildings, with 98 finished and fully-furnished units. As of March 2015, only 3 units are available for purchase. To reserve a unit today, please contact Pontefino Estates at [telephone number].

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